Sunday, 12 January 2014

Flowbox - January unboxing and my last

As you know I have been having the Flowbox for a couple of months now, this one being the third actually. I first started getting the Flowbox as I wanted to try new and different products that were vegetarian and eco and the Flowbox does just that. This however will be my last Flowbox for I am not sure how long, if at all. My primary objective with getting the Flowbox was for new things as we are very limited where we live with only a very small health food shop in our town. One of the things I would have liked to have seen with the Flowbox is details on how much each item costs and where you can buy it from online which unfortunately they don't tell you on their crib sheet so I couldn't buy the items even if I wanted to without some research!

Don't get me wrong I have really enjoyed receiving the Flowbox and it has had some lovely items inside, all full size. It is just that well, it is £22 a month and I already go food shopping etc and buy what we need so this is on top of that and as you don't know what you will be getting it is a duplication in some items. Of course it is nice to try new things but we don't always NEED those things if you see what I mean.

We are trying to have a 'good' year and save some money as we want to save for a BIG holiday in the next year or two and also we want to buy some furniture for the house. When we were looking at where savings could be made and on what, well unfortunately the Flowbox was one of those things as over the year we could save £264 and when you look at it like that, that's a lot of money for something we don't really need.

So there we go. I am not saying that I will never get another box, just for now it is a luxury that we don't really need. I have enjoyed you Flowbox so maybe I will see you again in the future!

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