Friday, 31 January 2014

Visual Motivation - Filofax Friday - Week 4

It's Friday, yes it's Friday! Wasn't there a song with that in? I seem to think there was but I can't for the life of me remember what that was now. Anyways onto Filofax Friday...

This week's topic is something that I new I wanted to touch on but it is also one of the most requested videos too and that is decorating your filofax. Although this week I wanted to touch more on Visual Motivation i.e. not just decorating your filofax for the sake of it per se but for the purposes as a tool to motivate you to use your planner more. By that I mean that if your planner is all nice to look at, will that encourage you to pick it up and use it more? I will of course do more videos on Filofax decoration as the weeks go on, I just wanted to start us off with this video first.

This week is especially exciting as I have collaborated with another Filofax user and YouTuber, Tipa Childers. Tipa shares with us a spread from her filofax and how she decorates it. Please do check out Tipa's blog and her YouTube channel too for more of her filofax decorations.


Again this week there is home for you to complete if you would like to do so. Remember it is not compulosry, no one will know if you have done it or not. I am just setting prompts / tasks for you to help and motivate you in this series. Pick and choose each week whether you would like to do the homework or not it is entirely up to you! If you ever need to ask or clarify anything with me please do get in touch through any of the social media platforms. Sometimes it takes a while but I do reply to each and every message that is left for me.

1. Start looking around you, and ask yourself what do you enjoy looking at? What motivates you? What is a stimulus for you in general terms? What gives you pleasure? Is it art, reading, horror films? Make a motivation / inspiration board on Pinterest to collate items that inspire you. 

2. Go back to your inspiration board and ask yourself, if I put some of those things in my planner will it motivate me to use my planner more? i.e. if you put a picture of your puppy in there, will that make you want to open your planner to look at the photo thus using the planner? If the answer to that question is yes, then try adding something like that into your planner.

3. Go on Instagram / Pinterest and do some browsing, and look at what other people do in the planners. Look at how other people decorate theirs. Work out if you like them or not, if you would like to try them and if you think they would work for you.

4. Try something new this week. If you don't already decorate your planner pages, give it a try. If you do, then try something different, maybe try some doodling instead of your usual washi tape for example. Just experiment and try something different. If it doesn't work for you then you can always try something different at another time. Try putting quotes in your planner or images or photos. 

5. If you are a journaller, journal about what motivates and inspires you and the effects that it has on you.

Next Week
Next week we will look at more planning and how we can get ahead of ourselves.

Thank you for watching / reading folks and enjoy your planning.

Remember your planner will only work for you and help keep you organised and on track if you use it. 


  1. I've never decorated my planner pages before, but I'll give it a go ;-) thanks for this weeks video!

    1. I'd love to know how you got on and if it helped. Your welcome xx

  2. Did you just encourage my Pinterest addiction? :)