Friday, 29 August 2014

Autumn is coming - time to start updating the Filofax!

Well I don't know about where you are but for us here in Cambridgeshire, UK, the nights are drawing in, it is getting colder and it feels like we are saying good bye to Summer. I really don't think it is going to be all that long before Autumn is in full swing. We have already taken advantage of Autumn creeping in, Mr B has been forraging for blackberries and has delighted me with a home made blackberry and apple crumble. Yum!!

So when I start to think about Autumn I naturally think about Halloween too. I genuinely love all seasons but I think Autumn through to Christmas is my favourite time of year.

It was time to get the paints out and I felt drawn to painting Autumnal art. When I think of Halloween I think of dressing up. My Mum was alays very imaginative with costumes. Here is me sporting a cardboard box covered ib crepe paper as a pumpkin (left) and me covered in balloons, yes balloons, as a bunch of grapes (right). Notice how co-ordinated I was with a matching hat and stalk too in both pictures. I remember winning first prize in a competition at school for the grapes costume ha ha!

I love dressing up even now as an adult, here is me at my friends 30th birthday four years ago in a box I painted to look like a Rubik's cube - notice the matching hat too!

Totally bonkers! I wore it all night as well!

So thinking of Halloween and costumes I started to paint cute little figures all dressed up and ready to go Trick or Treating. Of course there had to be a little red headed girl in her pumpkin costume...

Cute little vampire girl - dashboard

cute little witch - dashboard

And to me I think of little critters like hedgehogs snuggling in the fallen leaves. I already had this guy for insets but I thought he deserved his own Autumnal background, what do you think?

 And then last but by no means least I decided to paint a pumpkin because for me pumpkins well and truly symbolise Autumn. I love inventing and trying new pumpkin recipes and seeing how much I can make from the one pumpkin!

And you may have already guessed or seen but these four designs I have made available as dashboards for Filofax, Kikki K planners and well most generic day planners. They are all available to purchase right now in my Etsy store:

I hope you like them. For me right now it is time to snuggle with a nice book and a cup of tea and maybe my art journal for more Autumn inspired art.


  1. They are all so nice. I especially love the little pumpkin girl and the hedgehog.

  2. Haha! Love the customs pictures! Adorkable!! I'm in fall mood too! YAY! my second fav time of the year (xmas being first of course teehee) xx

    1. me too!! Christmas always comes first then Autumn lol x

  3. Oh, your rubiks cube costume is brilliant! I work in retail and it's kind of scary because we're already getting deliveries of halloween and christmas items!
    Love the drawings - the hedgehog is super cute! I think I'll have to get that one ;) My Filofax could do with a design update!

    1. ha ha I win first prize for that too lol!
      Thanks my lovely, it is winging its way to you right now xx