Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Finding my inspiration to Journal - Storms!

Hello journal friends. I hope you have a had a really great week and have truly been able to look around you and draw inspiration from your life to journal about.

This week I am sharing with you how I found my inspiration from a storm. It has been really hot here in the UK but we have also had some storms. One night we were woken up just before 4 am with lots of thunder and really heavy rain. We got up firstly because it was too loud to sleep and secondly because we wanted to check on the piggies and bunnies to make sure that they weren't scared by the storm. They were absolutely fine and looked at us like we were a pair of loonies!

So we were up and we were awake so we decided to watch the storm out of the bedroom window. We live in a small village in the countryside so we don't really have many street lights so when it is night time it is absolutely pitch black outsidebut then every so often the darkness was punctuated by the most spectacular lightning that totally lit up the lake. It really was very beautiful so I grabbed my camera and tried to record some of it for you.

Unfortunately the storm was moving away so I only got the one flash and not a very bright one at that but I think you will agree, still beautiful. So this then became my journal inspiration. Over on the Journal Gypsies blog I have been talking about my Weather Goddesses which is another thing that inspired me with this page.

To me Lightning was like a lady of the night, she comes out of the darkness for small glimpses and disappears again as quickly as she came. You need to be quick to see her!

Well that was the inspiration behind the page and here is the page itself. I am not 100% happy with how it turned out but I do think it represents how I was feeling and what I wanted to convey so I am happy with it from that point of view. I was just so tired, by the time we got back into bed we couldn't sleep as we were so awak and then the alarm came all too soon for our liking!

I just wanted to share that bad situations can also be good. There are two ways of looking at the storm that night. Firstly you could moan because the storm woke you up so you were really tired or you could be glad that the storm woke you up because then you had a chance to marvel at natures creation. How we as human beings deal with the bad and sad times ultimately dictates how much of a happy life we have! I talked about it a bit at the end of the video but I will touch on it again at another time.

I have a few ideas up my sleeve for prompts and things for you as well as showing you more of how my pages come to be so I just need to work out how and what I am going to do with those before I share but please just know that it is coming really soon.

I hope you get your journal out and have fun creating this week, see you soon!

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