Friday, 15 August 2014

Doodling on your pages / Decorating with doodles - Filofax Friday

Last week I shared with you the pages that I had created as part of the Filofax Blogger Challenege to 'Pimp my Filofax'. Firstly before I go any further with this week I just wanted to say a massive massive massive (yes three massives') to everyone that voted for me. The competition was incredibly fierce with some amazingly fantastic entries and so I am very blessed, honoured and grateful that you voted for me and I am delighted to say that I came second. This is great news for me as this now means that I will be sent three brand spanking new Filofaxes from Filofax which I am able to give away to you guys! Whooop whooop! What I will probably do is give two away on the blog and one over on instagram so if you don't follow me there go and follow me so you will know when this goes live.

Also a big congratulations is due to DIYFish for coming first and also to my fellow runner up Letters in November, both of which will also have Filofaxes to give away so if you don't already follow their blogs you might want to. So watch this space for further details which I am sure will not be that far away!

So on to this week and following on from last week where I showed you the pages that I created, I had a large number of people asking for more help, ideas, share on how I created the pages and how I doodle on my pages. In fact I get asked very often about page decoration and how I decorate my pages in general. I am thinking of maybe doing a page decoration video every month or so what do you think? Let me know if this is something that you would like to see.

I am always happy to respond to requests for videos and blog posts wherever and whenever I can,  you know me I just love sharing and interacting with you. Apart from the bunnies, your second favourite page layout I created was the clouds. I decided not to show how I created the bunnies as I have previously ran a 'how to draw a bunny' series and I thought this would be a bit repetitive. If you would like to see this tutorial then please click here. That being said if you do really really want to know then I would be happy to share.

So on to the clouds. In the video I share with you how I created my pages from start to finish and I also talk about doodling on your pages as you go / once your week is already in progress and you want to fill in the gaps with your doodles.

I have said a few times now that doodling on pages is how I first started with my Filofax decoration and also how I ended up selling my inserts on Etsy. It is the roots for me and is what I know. I never had a single roll of washi tape until my birthday in February of this year. I now have quite a few but that is by the by lol! I also rarely used stickers. I live in a very small village and my nearest town has no where to by stickers, even the supermarket has a poor selection and so other than buying online and paying a lot for postage stickers were not a readily available option for me. I am also a massive hoarder and can't bear to use / waste some of the stickers that I really love! I know there are other people out there with similar sticker hoarding tendancies lol!

So doodling for me is what decoration on my pages is all about and it is what I love to do. I love to doodle anyway and I regularly sit and doodle whilst on the phone or whilst working. If you do that too, you will start to see a pattern emerging. The shapes and pictures that you doodle whilst you are engaged in another activity are what your subconscious and the real true you enjoys. Save your doodles and go back to them, they will help you to formulate ideas on what you want to pull through into your Filofax decoration.

For me bunnies, clouds, stars and hearts always appear. Everywhere!

So clouds are a natural thing for me, I love looking at them and I love drawing them. I incorporate them into my art journal, they literally are everywhere around me so it makes perfect sense for me to bring this through into my Filofax decoration.

So I started off with a fresh pair of pages. These are the ones that came with the Filofax for the Pimp my Filofax challenge.

I do love to add a bit of washi tape in especially as I now have a few rolls. I know lots of you enjoy using washi tape too. I love it for adding a pop of colour or a pretty design. Washi tape in itself can help to spark inspiration for your overall decoration.

I also like the rain and find it very inspiring, the washi tape that I used hear is in a rain drop pattern and I purchased it from The Idea Owl. If you don't already know The Idea Owl also has an instagram account where she posts pictures of items for sale and you can add to your package and she sends you your paypal invoice once a month to get the items. I love the teal, yellow and purple combination - some of my favourite.

The only thing with wider washi tape is that it can infiltrate into your space that you may want to write on. You can write on washi tape but you may not want to. I do bear this in mind when I am decorating my pages.

I also like to use thinner washi tape as this doesn't take up so much of the paper. I used tape in co-ordinating colours that my penpal very kindly sent me recently and they match perfectly!

Next I add in some doodles.

I usually like to have a to do list section somewhere on my pages and I like to have this in keeping with the theme. In this case I drew a cloud shape so that I could seperate my to do's from my appointments. I also dew in rain drop shapes to use as my tick boxes.

And then come the clouds themselves.

I like to use pencil to colour in my doodles on my pages for two reasons. Firstly you don't have to worry about bleed through and secondly you can write over them really easily if you need to. I coloured them in blue as this was the first colour that came to hand whilst videoing but if I thought about it I would probably use a more co-ordinated colour and my doodles always have rosey cheeks, that is just a given! I just use fairly cheap children's pencils, not too cheap as they are scratchy and you really have to work at the colour but you don't need to spend a fortune. In fact using doodles and pencils are the cheapest way to decorate your pages over and over again!

Other items shown in the pictures in case you are interested:

Pen - Uniball Signo
Pencils - WHSmiths
Pencil Case - Taupe Polka Dot from my Etsy Shop
Fox Rubber / Eraser - Linkys Dream (in my July stationery subscription box)

I really hope you enjoyed my take and thoughts on how I decorate my pages with doodles. Please do let me know if you would like to see more videos and blog posts on this line and I will do my best.

Have a great week and see you soon!


  1. I feel like such a stalker but I do love everything you do. Thank you for sharing so readily your talents, Melanie Tatham xxx

    1. he he that is ok, I don't mind friendly stalkers at all x