Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Linkys Dream Stationery Subscription Box Unboxing - September 2014

Well it is that wonderful time of the month again folks, the time when a lovely courier lady knocks on my door and hands me a beautifully wrapped package which I know is going to be jam packed full of yummy stationery goodies and goodies for my Filofax too! I am a bit late in sharing this with you this month but if you saw my 'an update from me' post you will understand why.

If you would like to see me 'unbox the box' so you can get a better feel for the items and size etc please do watch the video below.

I have the help of my glamorous assistant Mr B to help me with the unwrapping part so you will get to see his hands.

So lets crack on. Firstly I just want to talk about that outer wrapping. Aren't the unicorns just so pretty, I love them. I always show you the packaging as I think that is just as lovely as the inside!

And on the inside yet more lovliness. Hot pretty are those mint pompoms and those purple butterflies. Excuse the pun but they gave me butterflies alone! In fact if you watch the video you will hear Mr B say 'it is like Christmas'. I didn't ask him to say that he just spontaneously said it so you know it has his seal of approval!

So what was inside the box? Well there was the usuasl sewquins, pom poms and sweeties which make my heart go boom every time. Then there was a selection of lovingly wrapped items in the cutest rainbow and cloud tissue paper. I know I am like a stuck record sometimes but I really do love my clouds (bunnies and stars!). I absolutely ADORE these cloud sticky notes and cloud eraser. I don't even know if I will be able to use them, I might just have to look at them!

There was a lovely selection of project life journal cards which I love to use in my journals, a cute little butterfly notebook and a selection of cute kawaii papers.

For my personal size Filofax I got some adorable butterfly lined paper and a fab dashboard. I love the geometric design.

What other yummy bits? Oh yes some super cute stickers, just look at those bunnies! Washi tape sampler, two paperclips and a Pilot soda pen which I am really intrigued about.

And lastly but by no means leastly as I love everything in my box, for the arty / crafty person in me I get an alcohol blending marker, a pain brush (can never have enough of those - I use and abuse mine!), washi tape and an ink pade in the most gorgeous purple colour.

So all in all another fantastic box. If you agree why not get one too! They are very popular so I would act quickly. Themed Christmas and Valentine's boxes are ready to order now too!

Boxes are priced at just £15 with shipping in the UK at £3, she does ship internationally and the price is dependent on your Country, you just need to get in touch with her for a quote! Head on over to to order yours!

I know everyone's boxes are different as she tries to cater to your needs. If you would like to see what someone else got why not head on over to Amanda's blog: She's Eclectic as Amanda has posted what she got too. Beck's from Just Keep Pinning also did an unboxing video on her Youtube channel. Whilst each box is different you get a better feel if you think this is something that you would like to get.

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