Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Coping with this crazy life - Journal your socks off!

All in all I have a fantastic life if I do say so myself but I suffer like most from this condition of being human. I bet dear reader you have this too from time to time sometimes, no doubt, for what seems like longer than most. It is a subject that many people talk about even scientists, it is the one thing that unites us all as human beings, we are just that, human. Good stuff happens, bad stuff happens and in my personal opinion it is how we deal with those situations that ultimately reflects how happy we are in general.

I am not coming at you all 'chirpy chirpy isn't life wonderful' in an annoying way, goodness gracious I have seen one heck of a lot of rubbish in my life, some of which I have gone over before in videos and blog posts, but I have gotten through it, I am still here to tell those tales. It is one of the reasons why I journal, to get me through the rubbish, to cope and process what is going on around me so that I can learn from it, develop, grow as a person and move forward with my life. Everything we go through makes us who we are and from time to time we need to develop a way in which to cope with those situations. Journalling is my method of coping.

Please do watch the video as I can express it so much better verbally!

So my journal is my coping mechanism and during this traumatic stage in my life I have ditched all my journals and started a new one just for this particular coping strategy.

This journal is a Moleskine sketchbook and I used one pen, the Papermate Flair. All other journals got pushed to the wayside because I wanted a journal just to deal with this situation and only this situation, it is just what I wanted to do and how I was going to cope and it has helped.

In this journal I wrote reams and reams, just writing about how I was feeling. I poured my heart out and I shed some tears but it was all for the purpose of healing and gaining some perspective. There are people dealing with much bigger problems than I am and this is just a small part of my life, I need to remember that so I can heal and move forward and get my life back.

It is not my best work artistically but it has meaning to me. The little sketches and the little affirmations and words of encouragement I gave myself are what gave me the push that I needed. Sometimes I just wrote to say that I was sad. Sometimes I wrote long stretches of writing, other times it was really short. It all helped get me through.

I also documented my journey through my appointments at the doctors and physio; when I went, the advice given, all of that helped me to see how I was improving and how far I have come because I have come a long way. I even took photos as my hand looked bad and I thought it was never going to get better, even one week after that photo I can visually see the progress. I all helped me cope, get through and continue to climb upwards.

It is going to be a long journey and no one said it would be easy. I see the physio again in three weeks time, the consultant in four weeks but at the time of injury they told me I was looking at a 12 week (at least)recovery period. I need to stay positive so I can get to that point. I have come this far, why give up now?

Hopefully you can see now why I journal and what a difference it makes. I didn't write this post or record the video for sympathy, I just wanted to share another reason why I journal and how it is a good coping mechanism.

I hope dear friends that this has been useful to you in some way and I hope that if you are struggling with a situation at the moment that you can find a way to cope as I have done for me. Much love to you x


  1. Oh how I understand you!! When I had my troubles with my foot I took picutres for the doctors and me. I could see, truly see how bad my foot was. It's different seeing in real life and then through a camera. It's the camera has captured the truth we were blind too. I wish I had done more journaling during my foot time but I did start journaling when my stomach started hurting. It's been amazing to see how far I've come since then. I am so glad that you shared this and I am so glad you are journaling it all out.
    One question do you use one journal for all? Like doctor notes and pictures plus your drawing? Or do you have separate? I am just curious. I mean I know you wrote one for coping but I making sure I read right.
    Seriously love this post! I will watch the video tomorrow when I have a bit more time. Hope you feeling well and taking time to rest, missy!

    1. thank you so much my lovely, I am glad that I am not the only one taking photos lol but it so helps to look back on when you think you are not improving! For this it is just the one journal for all of it related to this situation but I also have other journals on the go for the day to day stuff but anything relating to the accident or recovery goes in the seperate one x

  2. Journaling is very therapeutic to me, too. I was in a car accident a few years back--someone committed suicide by walking in front of the car I was in on the freeway--and although I saw a therapist, I had to do a couple of things for me to deal with it: I had to talk about it--to anyone that wanted to know more about the situation, to my mom (who was driving, I was the front passenger) and my sister (who was in the back seat), and just TALK ABOUT IT to get it out. The other thing was the same year I ended up doing NaNoWriMo. I wrote the entire month about the car accident thinking I would write a book about it. I wasn't done with the book when November was over, but I was done with it just the same, if that makes sense. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, writing all of it down. I haven't even gone back to read what I wrote yet, and that was 4 years ago! But it was still such a big step in my healing (which I'm still working on).

    1. my goodness, I can only begin to imagine what that time must have felt like for you and for your family. I totally understand where you are coming from, do you think you will ever go back to reading it all? Do you think you will need to? I don't know if I will with mine, many years down the road maybe. Thank you so much for sharing with me x