Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Supplier Spotlight - Pretty Paper Filo - Stationery & Filofax Goodies!

I am still not back to my regular posting schedule of books on Mondays, journal stuff on Tuesday, Filofax on Fridays and bonus stuff in between. I am still adjusting to my life being thrown upside down but I am getting there every single day, my physio starts tomorrow so hopefully I will be back in full swing again soon, I am certainly feeling almost like my old self again even if my left hand isn't.

I often get asked about where to buy things from or where I have purchased things from so I thought it might be fun to share a little of that. I am not sure as to the frequency or how often I will share, it is unlikely to be a weekly feature, more of an ad-hoc thing like some of the other content is on my blog and I like that. I like to share where I can so everytime I am really pleased with a supplier / product I will share it. I don't have any journal content to share today for Tuesday so why not share a Supplier Spotlight!

I wanted to share with you today a lovely lady who runs a lovely Etsy shop. Her name is Katrin and her Etsy shop is called Pretty Paper Filo. She is based in The Netherlands and sells the cutest stationery items as well as bits and bobs for your Filofax or day planner. Don't worry she does post internationally. Katrin is such a lovely lady and her items are fantastic so I wanted to share them with you. We have built up an online friendship and I love seeing her beautiful photos every day over on her instagram account. I love sharing companies, products and brands that I find that I love and I genuinely only share items that I love to boot.

Katrin makes dashboards and washi on the go cards for Filofaxes and she has the cutest designs, I really genuinely love them and wanted to share with you some of the ones that I have in both the personal and A5 size:

I have two other designs as well, a cute little giraffe and a lovely retro flower design. Don't ask me which is my favourite out of them all because I just can't decide, I love them all and the quality is outstanding.

I also have some of her stationery items but I haven't shown those as they are not in her current range of stock and I didn't want you to be disappointed that you could no longer get those particular items but I can assure you that if you head on over to her Etsy shop the items she does stock will not disappoint you! From her current stock (at time of writing) these are my favourites:

images from Pretty Paper Filo

From left to right (photo above):
1. set of 6 adhesive A5 sheets, perfect to make your own stickers!
2. 1 sheet of colourful woodland stickers (puffy) with a metallic shimmer
3. set of of 7 different sticky notes blocks

Some of the items that Katrin sells are from HEMA lines that are available in their stores and online shops. Katrin sells these items at cost price, the same as you would buy from HEMA yourself plus a mark up to cover the Etsy and PayPal fees. Katrin states in her shop that "This is a HEMA stationery item meaning that customers from the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium can and should order directly through their national HEMA online stores. My listing is meant for people from countries who do not have direct access to a HEMA online store."

Please do go and check Pretty Paper Filo out either on Etsy or on instagram and I am sure you will not be at all disappointed!

I hope you are all doing well. Autumn is well and truly in full swing here in my part of England. We woke up today to mist, lots of it and cold too. It is a good job I like those kinds of mornings I suppose. Enjoy the weather whatever it is wherever you are x

PLEASE NOTE: Any of the links in this post are not affiliate links. This review is my own personal opionion on the product / company and has not be sponsored or endorsed. The photography unless otherwise stated / credited is also my own.


  1. Those stickers and sticky notes from Katrin are so cute!!!
    I live in Lima, Perú, and here the weather is changing to spring. We have had a sunny weekend, but since Monday it has been cold and rainy again, I think the only problem I have with this is that when the weather goes this crazy I always get a cold hehe ;)

    1. Aren't they just fabulous! I know what you mean, I usually get a cold too when the weather turns :(

  2. Oh, so pretty! Will definitely be checking this shop out! :3

    1. you so should, she is such a lovely lasdy too x