Friday, 5 September 2014

So you wanna Filofax?

Hey Filofaxing friends, it has been a while now since I have done a 'proper' Filofax Friday but slowly but surely I am getting there. Well today is Friday and I am talking about Filofaxes so lets just call this Filofax Friday shall we lol.

Sorry it has been a long time coming, firstly they took a little while getting to me and secondly there was my accident but I finally have in my possession three brand spanking new beautiful Filofaxes to giveaway. Super duper exciting I think you will agree.

Thank you so so much for everyone who voted for me in the Pimp my Filofax challenge and also a big thank you to Filofax for firstly asking me to participate and secondly for providing such fab prizes. If you remember I gave the Filofax away that Filofax sent me to use. I was allowed to keep it if I wanted but I chose to give it away and I am pleased to say that it is now safely with Faye who is looking forward to getting cracking with her first ever Filofax.

So here, right now, I am giving away two of the Filofaxes. I love instagram and I love participating in the monthly photo challenges so I thought it would be fun to set one up for October and make the third Filofax the prize for that, so please stay tuned for that coming soon. I will post details both here on my blog and also on instagram so make sure you subscribe / follow to be notified of when that goes live. In fact I have more giveaways planned for this year so you are best to subscribe so you don't miss out on those too. If you are on Bloglovin you can follow me there or just follow by email on the right side of the blog ------->

So on to the prizes then...

Firstly we have the Pennybridge iPade Mini Case (A5 Raspberry) which retails on the Filofax website for £30.00

A grained leather-look zipped case to hold your iPad Mini securely. Designed for simultaneous paper and tablet use, the 360 degree rotatable tablet holder can be used for multiple viewing positions. Featuring internal pockets, a pen holder and an A5 notepad for keeping organised.

Left Hand Details: elasticated smartphone and card pockets, A5 notepad/document pocket, A5 ruled notepad with micro-perforated pages, elasticated pen holder.

Right Hand Details: 360 degree rotatable iPad Mini holder, which folds open to enable multiple viewing positions.

Closure Detail: zipped with leather-look zip pull
Height: 235mm
Width: 180mm
Depth: 30mm

I don't have an iPad, I am a kindle Fire user myself but if I did have one I would certainly give this a try as the quality is amazing and I like the idea of being able to have your note pad, pen and phone altogether in the same case. Personally, colour wise, the cobalt blue catches my eye.

If you would like to enter the giveaway to win the Pennybridge please use the widget below.  
To enter after you have added your email address and name make sure you click 'BEGIN' and then follow the instructions! It isn't that obvious so you need to look out for it - it is under the bit that says 'open to...' oh and liking on Twitter is optional not mandatory so if you are not on Twitter don't worry about it!


Next up and actually my favourite is the Personal Original in Purple. I have the nude patent and have well and truly found planner peace...well I did until I saw the purple. I love the original, everything about it really, in fact it is hard to articulate a feeling but I will soon as I keep promising to do a set up of that. One day soon I promise.

Made in England, crafted from thick leather and styled using the original Filofax look. Beautiful in its simplicity and available in a range of striking colours, The Original personal organiser has an iconic design and features a bespoke button on the leather strap closure. Matching keyrings are also available.

Left Hand Details: two credit card pockets, one vertical slip pocket, one multifunctional elastic holder
Right Hand Details: one jot pad pocket, one vertical slip pocket

Diary Type: week on two pages 12 month diary 5 language
Height: 188mm
Width: 134mm
Depth: 44mm

Closure Detail: leather strap with branded popper and colour matched gel finish cap
Pen Loop: two elastic pen loops
Ring Mechanism: 23mm

If you would like to enter the giveaway to win the Pennybridge please use the widget below. To enter after you have added your email address and name make sure you click 'BEGIN' and then follow the instructions! It isn't that obvious so you need to look out for it - it is under the bit that says 'open to...' oh and liking on Twitter is optional not mandatory so if you are not on Twitter don't worry about it!

Aren't they just fantastic prizes. I tell you it is so hard for me to give that original away, I love it so much, I so wish that was the one I was given to 'pimp' as I don't much care for the Cover Story. Am I jealous that some of the other participants got an original to keep heck yeah lol. Talking other other participants, don't forget to check out the other winners from the competiotion as they took have Filofaxes to give away...

DIY Fish:
Letters in November:

Good luck everyone, see you soon x 


15th September 2014 (11:01)
Winner Announcement...

I am so sorry guys...when I created the giveaway I put 'follow on Twitter' as optional so I still thought this would enable everyone to enter but that I would gain new friends that I could follow on Twitter too. It turns out that is not the case and that if you entered the giveaway and didn't follow me on Twitter you were not a valied entry. I am so sorry, I didn't realise this and this was not my intention. So....rather than use the widget to only generate a winner from my Twitter followers, I took the total number of entries and put them into to find a winner and then I manually told the widget who has won. I just wanted to let you all know this, to apologise for my mistake and to also say that I wanted to do this all fairly (by random) and I didn't want to upset anyone or anyone to think I had done this fraudulently. Congratulations to Lexi who won the ipad case and Barbara who won the purple personal. Both have been contacted and their prizes are on their way. I have more giveaways coming soon, so if you didn't win this time there are plenty more opportunities and I will know for next time re the Twitter follow. Thank you so much everyone for your understanding. x


  1. The colours are amazing! Been dreaming to own a filofax... Please!

  2. So generous of you Anna, thank you so much. Both of the items are truly beautiful. It must be so hard for you! But we all thank you very much for the opportunity to win them. Glad to hear you are on the mend. We can hear it in your voice that you have weathered the storm in style. xoxo

  3. What fab prizes!! Good luck everyone :)

  4. I would like to enter but I'm not on Twitter. :(

  5. So generous of you! Thank you for the chance to win <3

  6. I too want to enter and am not on twitter. The widget won't give a 'submit' button unless you complete the it still sending you our name and email?

    1. It's optional so just submit, see the "how to" enter comment above the widget x

    2. I was able to figure it out before it would show this message! The submit button is blurred out, but I clicked on where it should be...and it worked. Thank you for your response!

  7. Firstly I found your youtube channel which I have found so many tips for filofaxing then I only just found this blog today Which is great as I love reading blog and now you have an amazing competition which I think is an amazing prize xx

  8. Would love an 'October photo-a-day challenge' from you! Thanks

  9. I would love love to win! Entered and following on twitter this would be great to keep track of all events and purple is my favorite color! Thank you for putting this on (hugs)

  10. I entered, then I was able to follow you on twitter, but not sure if the entry reflects it or not (my Twitter is )
    Thank you so much for this and BTW, I voted for your entry during the contest!

  11. Hi! I love the original and for me it would be the first time! I hope to win it!
    Thank you so much for this opportunity

  12. thank you so much for these awesome giveaways. I personally hope I get the purple. Not only is purple my absolute favorite color, I've never had a fee-filofax before, this filofax, the purple original is listed on my wish list too. I believe it was meant to be :)