Saturday, 13 September 2014

So many books, so little time!

I have got a problem. A fairly serious problem and it is this. I am addicted to looking at books on Amazon and adding them to my wish list. There I admitted it!

I don't know why but I love it, I find myself on Amazon from time to time looking at one thing or another and those little marketing rascals keep giving me reccommendations based on books I have purchased. Of course I can't resist just having a little peek at that book which then leads me on to the next one and so forth. I basically find myself reading book synopsis like I would blog posts. I read book synopsis' and it is like reading little mini stories. I swear that I spend more time reading thosethan I do actual books!

It all started one day when I wanted to buy a new book and was trawlling round trying to find one but nothing really struck my fancy. Then another time I came accross a book that I really liked the sound of but was not in the market to buy so I decided to save it for later and that is how it evolved. Every time I come accross a book that I would like to read I add it in there so I know I always have something that I can go too.

I was on Amazon today looking for an ISBN and started adding books to my list again but then I thought this is getting into one great big jumbled mess so I decided to sort my books into their own list seperate to all of the other things that I have on my main wish list like art supplis and stationery. When I saw them all in one great big list, all together I realised that there were quite a lot. 70 to be precise! Right so sometimes I read a book a week sometimes less so on average I suppose I probably read around 25 books a year so at that rate I have enough for around three years. Of course that does not take into consideration books that I pick up from charity shops or am given as gifts etc so realistically we are probably talking four years, then of course I will no doubt add more and so it goes on. I could end up with a lifetime supply of books to be read in my wish list, crazyness. Or is it? Well it is not harming anyone, it is a painless little addiction, it is not as though I beat myself up because I can't read them all in one go, it is not like a massive to do list to get stressed over, it is just for fun.

I love purusing the net for just about anything and I came across this mug and I think it is so me and just the quote that fits how I am feeling...I need it I really do!

In fact it comes in cushions and bags etc too but you know me I love my tea and I usually drink tea whilst reading so it fits! This is available from Risa Rodil on Society6.

It is true though really isn't it that there are just so many wonderful books out there far many than you could ever read in your lifetime, that is without re-reading your favourites. In fact I don't tend to do that much anymore as there are so many new ones that I want to read. The fun for me though is finding new books, I find it exciting but you know me, I love to journal and other things too so I stagger what I spend my free time doing and that is fine with me because I always know that there are books waiting for me when I am ready,

So what was the very last book that I added to my wish list...

So the last book that I added was The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender based on the book review that I watched from My life as a tea cup, who incidentally has wonderful reviews on her youtube channel. It sounded fantastic so on to the list it went.

If you would like to look at my list so you can see the types of books I like / want to read you are most welcome. Just click here. I want to share the addiction of finding new books to read, I mean if you find some good ones, why keep them to yourself is what I say. Please do bear in mind if you do look at my list, I have recently moved it all into its own seperate book list so you won't be able to see them in date order that I originally added them, they will all show as today.

How about you? Do you share a similar addiction for finding books? Please tell me it is not just me, oh and as always if you have any reccommendations I would love to know.


  1. I have the exact same problem, and that mug reflects it perfectly! Goodreads is usually the site where I get sucked into reading about books and then frantically adding more to my list.

    I'm glad you enjoyed my review of "Ava Lavender..." and I hope you like it!

    1. I think it should be a recognised medical condition lol ; )

  2. Not just you, just had a tidy up on my wish list (as they were spread over a few lists) and I had 62 books on mine - but one had become free on Kindle so one down, 61 to go! Added 2 from your list too, Rapunzel and Once a witch I though looked worth a read.

  3. I am always adding books to my "to read" list on my kindle. Not doing as much reading as I would like at the moment as life has got very busy, but I really want to make time to read more.

    1. The problem I find is that even though I make time everynow and then loads more book pop up that I like the look of lol!