Sunday, 26 July 2015

It's almost time but first a modification...

When the shop planners came into Brimbles HQ I fell in love with them immediately. I knew I just had to have one. Unfortunately when I was opening one of the boxes I did catch one of the large Florabunda's with a knife. The injury was not too bad but it was bad enough that I didn't feel it was right to sell it to anyone, even if it was at a reduced price. So I decided to keep it, a happy little accident and no I didn't do it on purpose! It has sat very patiently on my shelf above my desk just waiting for the day that I can use it and hip hip hooray that day is tomorrow. I can nearly contain my excitement!

I had had a little play with it, writing in upcoming birthdays and the like and I realised that I would miss having a pen on hand. Sometimes you don't always want to tote your pencil case or folio around with you yet you do want a pen with your planner. I know I do, you never know when you want to jot a note down!

I decided that as we are going to be friends for a while that I would treat myself to a pen loop and not just one but two. I like to forward plan in pencil and commit in pen so having two pen loops and two writing instruments on hand is just perfect for me!

It took me a while to decide on colour but in the end I decided to go with the hot pink, or fuchsia if you will.

I put one on the inside front cover (deliberately upside down) and the other on the inside back cover.

This meant that two pens could sit nicely together, side by side when the planner is closed.

I think it looks great, like it came together and now I am all set and can't wait to get started!

p.s. Do you like the little tassel I added to the rings? These are from the very lovely Geraldine Jayne.

p.p.s If you fancy planning along in one of these beauties of your very own, I do have a couple left in stock here.


  1. The tassel color matches the blue flowers perfectly - it was meant to be! :D
    I could never have a planner without a penloop of some kind. I normally keep a pencil with my planner, as if I'm out, my writing is going to be super messy anyway, so at least with pencil I can erase and rewrite when I get home!

  2. Anna I love how you added the pen loops and happy you are keeping a bando for your very own. I too think they're absolutely gorgeous and have one that matches yours. :)
    Hey I've been wanting one or two of your crown fountain pens. Do you have any left?

  3. Oh my goodness the pen loop idea! Genius! P.S thank you for the mention! ��