Friday, 24 July 2015

What's in my planning folio?

As you know when I post photos on my blog here of my page decoration or over on my instagram, I very often 'stage' these and in that staging is my folio from Websters Pages which matches my Color Crush planner. I don't much talk about my folio and so this has sparked questions from people asking if I actually use it. The answer to this is absolutely!

The folio is a very similar size to the planner itself and so you can hold the two together in your hands very comfortably indeed. They were made to go together, truly they were! I don't take my folio out and about with me, it stays at home usually on my desk or on my kitchen counter.

You wanna see what's inside?

Here I am showing you my white folio because the white planner and folio, I have to be truly honest, are my favourites! The inside is a beautiful pink with a white polka dot design. Here you can see the overview layout when I open this beauty up:

I always have a paperclip or two because you never know when you might want to clip something in. The burlap bow clip is from Bella Creationz.

My favourite planning supply has to be sticky notes. I love them in all shapes, sizes and patterns. I currently have these ones in my folio from the Target $ spot which a lovely American pen pal sent me.

In the back pocket I keep my 'tools'. These consist of a single hold punch for when I want to add something to my planner or for re punching holes if I have used washi tape down the sides. I have a crown ball point pen, a multi coloured biro and a pencil as I love to forward plan in pencil. I have never gotten on well with frixon pens, pencil is the way for me! I also have a pair of scissors for cutting off washi tape over hang!

I am a little bit obsessed with project life cards at the moment and I have way too many of them! The ones that I currently have in there are the Foil Kit.

I have some of my stickers from EllieBethDesignsUK and I have hole reinforcers and stickers from Bella Creationz.

I very often have washi tape samples in my folio too but not at the moment. They are in a pencil case. I decided to make this very 'real' and I literally just grabbed it so you could get a better feel for what I actually use and keep in there.