Wednesday 27 April 2016

Cambs Planner Con - What an Event! #cambsplannercon

Well. Where to start! I don't know because even though I am writing this on Tuesday and you will see this blog post on Wednesday, I am still processing and getting over Saturday. Wow even typing that was hard work lol!

OK so Saturday saw the the Cambs Mini Planner Con come to life. Fed up of seeing all these fabulous planner con events taking place over in the States I felt like the UK was a bit left out and that we really needed something. I have been to a few meet ups which have been great but I thought it would be nice to have more of a conference type event full of inspiration and so the Cambs Planner Con was born.

I was blown away by the fact it sold out in 48 hours! Totally crazy and I am still amazed by that. I knew there was quite a few people in the Cambridgeshire region and thought it would just be us but actually people came from all over the Country. Truly amazing!

I did a vlog on Monday about how I felt about the day and you can watch that below. Sometimes it is really hard to convey everything that you want to say you know. I am still not entirely sure that I can even now!

The event itself filled me with so much love, joy and amazement. I had the pleasure of spending nigh on four hours with the most inspirational and brave women I have ever met. I mean that most sincerely. Everyone has their own journey be that physical, emotional or otherwise and it blew me away to see the courage people had just in attending the event itself or in speaking up in our group discussions afterwards. I was simply blown away that so many of you spoke out about your life and shared tips with each other. It was the most humbling and empowering thing I think I have ever witnessed and I am so thankful for that. Discussions are still going on now in the delegates Facebook group and everyone is continuing to process the day, share stories, lift and inspire each other and it is bloody brilliant!

I tried to talk to as many people as I possibly could but it was so hard to do because the time just wizzed! There will be another one next year for sure and this one will be longer so we have more time to talk. I had no idea when I arranged it what it was going to be like but you know everyone just jelled and there wasn't a single quiet moment. In fact I had to use a microphone to jump in and interrupt lol!

You guys know Geraldine as she is on my design team and regularly has a post here on the blog. Well I love that woman so much, she probably doesn't really appreciate how much of a beacon of light she is and how inspiring she is to so many women, me included. Well when I was arranging it I casually mention, asked, begged if Geraldine would speak and I was delighted when she said yes. In fact I kept messaging her to see if she was still up for it because I thought she might say no. I am so glad she didn't because, well, OK you are gonna have to watch the video below that I recorded of her talk because then. Well yeah I won't need any words. Her talk had such a moving effect on everyone listening I think. There were tears of joy and healing. The whole event was very healing for many frazzled women there, me included.

I also gave a talk on setting smart goals which you can watch below too. I hope you found it useful!

All in all it was such an amazing day but don't take my word for it, why don't you check out the Cambs Planner Con on YouTube which you can access here:

Or if you prefer to read blog posts there are:


I don't know what else to say really other than holy macaroni before I start gushing so I'll just end it here x

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