Monday, 18 April 2016

The 100 days project

I often see posts on social media and on blog where people have set themselves creative challenges. I am always in awe of them for taking on the challenge and even more so when they complete it. I have to say I am a little jealous when they do as I very often struggle with a 30 day challenge let alone 100 days! I do love to look at their collections whether it is photos of a particular 'thing' or 100 face paintings, whatever it is, seeing the progression and collection as a whole fascinates me. I want a body of work to look back on like that too!

I was in two minds about whether to give it a go. I have a busy few months coming up so didn't think I could commit. But then I thought "Anna your over thinking this". It's just for fun, no one cares if you skip a day or stop altogether. Your life doesn't depend on it so just have fun and see where it takes you. 

So yeah that's what I'm gonna do! So if your on social media stay tuned for #Annas100daysofclouds project!

How about you? Are you taking part?


  1. IM Doing this Because YOU inspired me with Your Post Miss Anna! 100 days of #Dawnswatercolorwonders

  2. I might start this a little late while I think of something to do but I will happily join with you, what a lovely idea!