Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Creative Journalling

This month I decided to use my Brimbles Box yet again for journaling! There is just so many great things inside, to use in my journal. The colours for this month were lots of pinks and oranges, which I really can't get enough of at the moment.

I decided to print off some snaps of some recent little adventures and moments that have happened over the past few weeks. This will be my last summer living down south on the farm. So I'm making the most of the little things that make me smile, like finding wildlife and eating an ice lolly on the front lawn with my dog. Seeing as there were lots of summery colours in this month's box, it all worked really well with the photos I chose!

I added a wash of yellow watercolour to the background of the page, and used one of the sticky notes to go behind the photo. I then used lots of the stickers from the Brimbles Box to decorate around this photo. I love the black paint dot stickers! They were so fun to use and the fact that they aren't all identical to one another makes them look like you've dotted them onto the page yourself.
The only thing I used that isn't from the Brimbles Box on this section is the Brown Squiggle Washi Tape.

I had a photo if a recent outfit I wore, and the colours went absolutely perfectly with this page. This photo documents the first dress that I wore this year, it was finally warm enough to ditch the jeans! But being England it was too windy to go without tights!!
I used the Pink alphabet stickers from the Brimbles Box to write out the word 'Bold' and the other alphabet stickers were gifted to me, so I'm not sure where they are from.

This was the first time I'd used enamel dots on one of my layouts too, I'm still getting the hang of these! In reflection I think they may have looked better going horizontally instead, but hey! You learn by making mistakes!
The flamingo sticker is from the box, it's one of Anna's beautiful designs! Then the Pineapple Tape is from Paperchase.

Up here I used one of the journaling cards that Anna designed. I love using these in my journal. I thought the phrase on this one also went very well with the photo I chose. I used one of the flag stickers with ice lollies on, which came in my Brimbles Box and is by Sticker Sunshine.
I also stuck a strip of Watercolour Washi Tape down the side too, as the colours matched really well, and I finished that section off with a little enamel heart sticker!

Last of all I popped this photo down here, I didn't want to go too over the top with decoration here as I was running out of writing space as it is!
This was simply a cow that had me cracking up, any time he lifted his head, he stuck out his bottom teeth. It's the little things about living here that I will miss.

I'll have a process video of this journaling spread coming up in a few weeks time, so you guys are seeing this sneak peak first!

- Daisy X

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