Friday, 10 June 2016

Planner Printables for Summer

So that Secret project I kept on hinting at and counting you down to on social media is now here!!!
Get your planner ready for summer with this incredible bundle of stickers, planner inserts, art prints and more.
Enough to deck out your entire planner for months on end, this curated bundle from 26 different designers worth $522 is only $29.97 today. (USD but because they are printables it doesn't matter where in the World you are!)

Featuring 217 printables, 88 of which are exclusive to this bundle. Save them to your computer and print them over and over again!
Don't miss out on this 94.3% off crazy-deal! Only available for 5 days. (6/10-6/14)
Please use this link if you would like to purchase as it means that I get paid for my work and it would mean that I would love you forever:

Not just my printables, there are loads in the bundle! Look what you can do with them!! These are just a few examples but there are tons of printables if you loook at the listing  You download them to your computer and print again and again as many times as you want to!

So that link again for you:

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