Saturday, 11 March 2017

Daisy' Disagenda Pages

I've not shared much from my Discagenda yet, but I thought I may as well share one of my February spreads today! I used a lot of the things that came in my February Brimbles Box, along with a few of my favourites that I use every week.

A little run down of what my Discagenda is used for, because I don't use it every day. I use this planner one a week on a Sunday to pretty much gather my thoughts and plans for the week ahead. More than anything it makes me sit at my desk, and wind down at the end of the week. I mark out important dates for the week ahead, write things I want to aim to do on certain days, and pop some weekly goals at the side. I then transfer most things across into my bullet journal planner as that's my functional planner. This is purely for me to enjoy sticking down stickers, and creating a pretty spread, plus I've found that it most definitely helps me to gather my thoughts.

I used the check list stickers on one of the sticker sheets in the February Brimbles Box to mark down some things I needed to remember to take with me to my trip to Nottingham. I found that these stickers work best when you write on them with a permanent marker of some kind. Plain gel ink pens just don't cut it. That's not a massive inconvenience for me though, I always have some sort of marker sitting on my desk!

I used quite a few of these little love bug stickers on this spread, they are so sweet! I combined the pink heart/lace style washi tape that came in the Brimbles box, with some brown squiggle washi tape. Then I added a popcorn sticker and the 'Date Night' sticker to mark a bit of chill time with Jack. He works in hospitality, so his shifts usually mean the closest we come to a date night is collapsing on a sofa with a film and stuffing our faces with popcorn. I'm totally fine with this being our version of a 'Date Night' though haha!

Over here I added a few of the decorative teardrop shaped stickers, I've dotted some of the pink washi tape about too, and also popped another love bug down! I used the arrow sticker to point out we were going to Nottingham for a night. I definitely love the variety on this sticker sheet. I'm able to use this sheet in both my planning, and journaling!

So that's how my planning spread turned out, I definitely love using things that correspond with one another in this planner! The Brimbles box is brilliant for this!

- Daisy X

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