Thursday, 9 March 2017

Gemma's far flung galaxy....

For this months march box i intently knew what i wanted to do with a lot of the box as soon as i opened it. 

i did a unboxing for my channel as i always do. Once the video is filmed i always sit and have a good look through it all and as soon as i see the blue galaxy looking paper i knew i wanted to make a art journal for myself.


i also added some of the ephemera to the front. This is the first one ive made its not defiantly perfect, its the first time i have stitched a book together and i love how it turned out.

Then for the first page i stuck the post card from this months box on the inside as i really loved the quote that was on it. and the first page i did in it was a page on my daughter Mia. i love the washi tape so much  i think it will be on every page as i continue to fill this little book up.

Then for the other blue galaxy paper i pictured this scrapbook page. i wanted to leave the section on the left embellishment free as it was just too pretty to cover, however i used some of the page flags to create a layered frame for the photo.

then i used the stickers to do a layout in my planner. i love the colours and i really warming to the idea of using stamping in my planner. The stamp set this month has some really useful planning friendly stamps that i loved using.

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