Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Planets and Unicorns


They go perfectly together in my world. Go jump on your unicorn and fly through the pastel Galaxy filled with friendly planets and happy stars! Capture your favorite things in your glass jars and collect little fluffy clouds along the way. This is how your weeks fly by and don't forget to write down your favorite quotes and wishes
Just breathe and enjoy this month's Galaxy themed box because... remember... there is always room for more ideas and inspirational things to do.

For example, for the first time I took a 12 x 12 piece of Galaxy scrapbook paper and challenged myself to cut out a Unicorn head from scratch. (without drawing it first.) This is like drawing without using an eraser. You will surprise yourself!! Your brain designs the shape and your hands will create it.

There is plenty of scrapbook paper in every single Brimble's box so don't be afraid to make mistakes. And I tell you what! Most of the time you get beautiful ideas by making "mistakes". That's why I call them "Happy accidents"

If you're interested in Unicorns and how to draw and paint them, this is definitely something for…/unicorn-magic-draw-paint-unicorns

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