Monday, 24 July 2017

Art Journal Spread by Rose

Hi, my name is Rose and this is my first blog for Anna's creative team. If you didn't already know, Anna now has a Patreon account and each month she shares art lessons in her quirky style along with collage sheets of her art for you to use in your journal or planned or anything else you can think of. This month Anna has been teaching us about how she creates her sketchy girl faces. I've loved these lessons so much because, unlike some art lessons, it's so easy to put your own stamp or style on them. Here are some of the sketches I created after watching the lesson:


Also included are some collage sheets. These are amazing for anyone who likes playing with paper - simply because you get a digital copy so there's no need for hoarding stuff you love too much to use because you can just print another copy. I find this amazingly freeing as an art journaller because I don't have the fear of ruining pretty things. Another benefit is that you can add painterly elements but without having the weight of paint or having the warping of your page it can sometimes create. I used them in my 100 day project (see more of this project here):

Anna also has a couple of stand alone classes available here in her shop - this month I worked on the marbling class and created some amazing backgrounds. I used a couple in my 100 day project:

I tried a variety of papers and found that the marbling paint works really well on deli paper. The benefit of this is you can glue it into your journal so that you don't see the deli paper (it becomes almost invisible, especially if you tear the edges) but just the marbling. I really liked the combination of blue, black and white marbling paints and thought it made a lovely cloudy sky. So I ripped the deli paper into strips and pasted it into my art journal with matte medium. I drew one of my sketchy girls from Anna's patreon class and coloured her in with acrylic paint and coloured pencils. I painted the sea and the sand in the same way and added a quote. Finally I cut one of Anna's collage sheets into simple shapes to make flying gulls and added them to the sky.


I hope you've enjoyed this post - if you've created anything this week why not share it in the Happy Place?! Especially if you're doing one of Anna's classes.

If you'd like to see what I'm up to creatively you can see me on Instagram, read about what I'm up to on my blog or see my art here.

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