Monday, 31 July 2017

Art Journaling using Mrs Brimbles Patreon Resources

I am so excited to be on the Brimbles Creative Team and even more excited to write my first blog post as part of the team. I have been engrossed in Anna's Patreon videos, there is so much content and it is all so informative. In addition to the video tutorials, chatty vlogs and time lapse creation videos there are also monthly downloads of amazing collage sheets (one of my loves at the minute). I love creating art using collage sheets, they are so versatile and I like having the freedom to cut up someone's art work to create your own feels almost like I am recycling, but still having a sense of the original artwork in the piece too.

The collage to journal page process:

My finished art journal page is above and I love it. I used a variety of different collage elements from Anna's sheets including the cute girl (I cut off the body and created my own as you will see in the video below). I then gathered the other elements to use, a gorgeous painted background from Anna's collages that I cut and ripped to become the shoe and boot. They weren't originally going to be a shoe and boot, but you will again see that develop in the video. I don't like pre-planning my pages, I much prefer to see where the creative mood takes me.

Art and Journaling using Mrs Brimbles Patreon Resources - Kerrymay._.Makes
A work in process before the writing/detailing.
To start with I painted the background using watercolour and then bit by built up the image ending with the text using a posca paint pen. Anna's videos helped enormously during the process. I looked at how Anna mixed her paint for faces and even had a go at sketching and doodling too (more on this later). Have a look below how I developed the piece.

A close up of the finished page.
Art and Journaling using Mrs Brimbles Patreon Resources - Kerrymay._.Makes
A close up of the finished page.
I really love the finished zetti art style page and will definitely be creating more pages using the collage sheets. The quote I have used is my take and a play on an existing quote, but this really resonates with me as I am quite the worrier and I need to move on instead of lingering and mulling things over.

Sketchy Girls:

Art and Journaling using Mrs Brimbles Patreon Resources - Kerrymay._.Makes
My sketchy girls and tn dashboard inlay.
Another part of Anna's Patreon videos and tutorials are the 'Sketchy Girls'. You learn how to draw or copy Anna's drawings and doodles and watch step by step through the process, from drawing the hair and outlines, to painting them. Here I copied Anna's drawings and then adding my own text and decoration to the page. I love it, so use it in a plastic wallet dashboard for my tn.

Art and Journaling using Mrs Brimbles Patreon Resources - Kerrymay._.Makes
My attempt at sketching different expressions.
​I have now moved on to looking at the next installment of videos for next month including sketching expressions. I am still a newbie at doodling and drawing, as I'm much more comfortable with paint and a glue stick, so have really enjoyed how this is pushing me in my art practice. I used to do a lot of art work digitally years ago when I had a pixel graphics website and the doodling has taken me back to those days. I hope to be able to do a full body sketch soon and can't wait for the next tutorials on drawing full bodies to tie it all together.

Art and Journaling using Mrs Brimbles Patreon Resources - Kerrymay._.Makes
I have really loved the first month of being on the Creative Team, it is really helping me to grow in my work and has allowed me to get back in to art journaling more as I was neglecting my art work. I have also loved being a part of the Brimbles Patreon, ... wait till you see the collage sheets for August! I can't wait to get a new printer so I can print out the goodies.

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Take Care, Kerry xx

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