Monday, 31 July 2017

Juicy Journal Page with Daisy

I decided to use my July Brimbles Sticker Club pack in my journal this month, because I have a little pile of photo's I still need to get stuck into my journal. There were a couple of photos that seemed to fit really well with the theme of this sticker pack, so I went for those!

Before sticking anything down I decided to add some watercolour in the background, just to break it up a bit. Plus a few of the stickers I wanted to use had white backgrounds, so it'd help them stand out a bit. I popped the watercolour onto an acrylic stamping block, and then applied it to the page so it didn't have any brush strokes. This also meant I could create a nice dripping effect when I tilted the page!
I used some of the border strip stickers, and some of the boxes to go in the background. Then I just layered up some of the smaller decorative stickers on top of the photos. I left the red circle sticker blank as I will write the date into that when I add the journaling.

Instead of leaving the bottom of the page blank, I added a little cluster of stickers down there, just to balance to the two corners of the page. You can also see that the orange sticker is covering a staple that was showing through from the back of the page. I debated whether to actually take the staple out, but decided to just cover it and hope for the best haha. It's a bit lumpy, and kinda noticeable, but hey. it works for me, so I'm going to leave it like that!

I was going to leave the top left section of this page clear for writing, but I realised the black and white spotty box sticker would most likely make the writing blend in a bit too much. So I grabbed a few of the arrow stickers and popped them in the gap instead. I'll still add some writing to the yellow water coloured section, but hopefully the arrows will help to make it look less like there's something missing from there.

I love the colours of this sticker collection, and I don't think I could have used any better stickers to document these photos. They seem to reflect the mood of that day out just perfectly!
I still have lots of stickers left over from these sheets, so I will most likely use them in future journaling spreads! I might even try using some in my planner too.

- Daisy X

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