Sunday, 11 February 2018

Art journaling to nourish

The beauty of Anna's patreon classes and collage sheets are that you can dip in and out and come back to them at a later date.  I've had a bit of crazy January with work and I tried to set aside some time today to do some art.  I need this for my own well-being - my word for 2018 is 'nourish' and in order to nourish my mind and soul I have to allow some time each week for art journalling.  I remembered that Anna did a lovely tutorial in November on different types of masking - so I used that to create a page in my art journal to honour my word of the year.

I started by drawing the hands - I normally sketch before bed - it helps my brain to calm before going to sleep and the following day I used some masking fluid to mask off the hands.  Once it was dry I painted a galaxy - it's meant to look like the hands are cupping the galaxy.  I find starry nights and looking at pictures of space calming and so this was meant to represent my gathering of the resources I need to nourish myself.

Anna has added some really wonderful collage sheets this month - my favourites are the dirty pour images - all the joy of dirty pours with none of the mess - plus you can include them in your journal - something you're not able to do as the paint pouring has to be on canvas.

Don't forget to check out Anna's Patreon and you can find more of my art here, or on my blog, or on Instagram.

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