Thursday, 22 February 2018

Grace's We Go Together Journal Pages

Hello everyone!

With this month's "We Go Together Like..." sticker club I was so happy that Anna made a kit that was suitable for those who like Valentine's... and also for those who do not (that would be me!).

With my stickers I decided to use the 'We Go Together' theme to do some creative journaling pages with pictures of my best friends and I. 

I have many creative journals, but as this is a super cute collection I went with my A6 size journal to do a smaller spread.

I started by painting on a thick layer of light pink acrylic paint. Nothing fancy, just a couple of swooshes with a wide brush:

The paper in this particular notebook is good quality, so I didn't bother priming the pages with gesso, which is what I would usually have started with. Once that paint was dry I added some of the washi and half box stickers:

Then backed my photos with some plain pink and blue paper to help them stand out, and started adding a few more stickers in clusters around the photos.

And some more stickers...

For the large 'XO' sticker in the centre I snipped it in half so it didn't bubble or buckle where it went over the two pages. I also used a 'We Go Together Like...' label from one of the sheets on the main photo to use as my title. Sometimes I think it's fun to use a 'small' title (if you're using one), rather than it taking up a lot of the page and drawing all the attention.
Lastly I added some doodles in a fine nib black gel pen, making a border around the whole spread and adding a few hearts. 

And there we go! I added in my journaling later on (in another fine nib gel pen) after I had taken the photos, some journaling you want to keep to yourself ;-)

And then, as ever, I decorated my planner pages. 

For my planner spread I decided to just stick with the Coffee and Doughnuts, and Tea and Biscuits stickers to have a 'Tea and Coffee' themed week. With Coffee for the Monday-Thursday half of the week (when you need it most!), and Tea and Biscuits for the weekend. 

There's a Plan With Me video for this spread on my YouTube channel, if you'd like to see the process. If you're not inclined to watching Plan With Me videos, then here are some close ups to get an idea of the process :) 

And there we have it! I had great fun with this super cute kit, and still have a few extra stickers that I think I'll use to decorate some happy mail - if I do, I'll share pictures on my instagram and on the Happy Place Facebook group, so keep an eye out! 

Thanks so much for reading :) 

Grace @ms.paperlover

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