Monday, 15 April 2013

Book Review: Collage Playground

I stumbled across Collage Playground merely by accident! What I love about Amazon is that it reccommends books for you by what you have looked at previously and I have found some of my best reads this way. I know they say that you should never judge a book by its cover, well with this one I did! Firstly I was attracted to the name, I like the use of "playground" and secondly I am a lover of vintage and liked the vintage style image on the cover. See what I mean...

I am glad that I judged it though as it was a good buy. I think I ended up buying it for only a couple of pounds from the market place so even better!

The book has lots of step by step how to's in it which I like because I often look at a piece and wonder how they did it! Whilst I wasn't neccessarily that keen on all the art work, the ideas and how to create things were certainly inspiring. There were techniques in the book that I hadn't thought of before like weaving paper. I would never have thought of doing that in my art work. I don't think you have to like every piece of artwork to appreciate it and the process that has gone in to creating it.

If you like ephemera and working with paper then this is certainly a book for you to get you going in your creativity.

And here is a video review...

**Please note this is my own personal opinion and I have created this review myself to share with others. I have not been paid, sponsored or endorsed by anyone to create provide this review**

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