Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The way to start any day... Journal

For years I have kept journals either written ones or art journals. More recently I have favoured the art journals and haven't really been expressing myself on a written basis at all. I can't really explain why at all it has just happened that way. My husband keeps a journal periodically too. He used to write in it quite regularly and that filtered out and then one day he got inspired by the book he was reading:

And since then he has been following her tips. You need to read the book to get the full gist of it but basically she encourages you not to get bogged down in pages and pages and pages of writing but to only write a sentence or two to "sum up" your day. That tip works and he feels that it is a lot easier to manage and is actually helping and therapeutic. In fact the Author appreciates that we don't all have the time to journal so she has come up with the "one sentence journals". Fab idea!

In fact the book on the whole is well worth reading. I urge you to do so. I read it after him and was so glad I did as it has helped in all aspects of life. Please remember I am not sponsored to recommend books etc this is my own personal recommendation.

Anyway back to journal keeping.

Yesterday I was watching art journalling videos on Youtube and I came across this video in my suggestions feed and I watched it.

I felt really inspired by her. I have lots of journals for different things (I might blog or show you them sometime) but they have laid dormant for a while. Not today though. I was up fairly early and it was a nice day. The sun was shining in the what seems like the first time for a long time and I decided to make myself a cup of one of my favourite herbal teas and go and see in the garden with the rascals. It was whilst I was sitting there in quiet contemplation that I decided to go and get a journal or two and make an entry. And I did. And I loved it. I didn't write about my goals or aspirations but I did write about what I am grateful for right now and just a general update on my life as a lot has happened in the past six months (good and bad) and I thought it would be good to document it.

So here is my start to the day.....

I am going to make a conscious effort to sit down with my tea every morning and write a line or two. I didn't set goals and aspirations today but I would like to start. I don't want to live a prescriptive life but it would be nice to have some direction too.

Both journals were purchased some time ago from Paperchase (my fav place for buying journals, if I don't make them of course!) Also in the picture is a pack of oat cakes and the pot of Oregano on the table!

I would love to hear about your journal journey and experiences.

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