Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Life and My Inspiration

I love that Spring has finally made its way here. Now that the weather is getting warmer I have made a pact with myself to get out in the fresh air more and do more stuff. I love being outside and don't normally let the cold weather stop me but being a person only just getting over having pneumonia it has not been wise to play outside for a while.

Not no more though! I am going to start getting back out there again and with either my camera in hand or my phone cam I am going to snap the things that are inspiring to me. I thought I would start sharing with you a bit of my life and what inspires me. I will label these posts so you can just click on the menu on the left and look at all my inspiration. I hope it won't get too boring! I love looking at what inspires other people and I am really really nosey so I love looking at other people's life and "what's in my bag" type posts.

So here is my first inspiration post. I was strolling through my garden and I was looking at the bushes and how much they have started to sprout new life when I cam accross this little ladybug just sitting, sunbathing in the sunlight. I would never normally put red and green together but when it happens in nature it just looks oh so right.

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  1. Red and green are complementary colors (opposite one another on a color wheel) and go very well together. The really bright values tend to vibrate when placed next to one another though so unless you want that particular effect you do need to pay attention to your values. Spring is a lovely time of year. My very favorite! Am really enjoying your posts. Thanks for sharing.