Monday, 24 February 2014

My Birthday Week - Filofax Decorated Pages & Etsy discount code!

I don't normally share how I decorate (if I do at all as I don't always) my Filofax here on my blog. I very often share snippets over on my instagram but not here and I kinda thought why not!

Tomorrow is my birthday so I thought I would deck this week out with cupcakes in honour of my birthday! Mr B has two days off work so we can do some fun stuff together although we are not sure what yet so the week so far is looking pretty empty although I am sure at some point it will get filled up. It usually does!

What do you think?

The diary pages and to do list combo are available as FREE downloads that I did for Filofax Friday week one. So you can grab those for yourself over on this blog post.


  1. Love how you decorated your planner. Seeing all the planners and how people decorated them makes me want to buy one and try this. I have ADD and I'm afraid to buy an expensive planner for fear I will get sidetracked and put it aside and never write in it, and some of them are so costly. I don't need all the extra pages because I'm a Sr. Citizen and only keep up with what the two of us. We have a ruled calendar on the D/R table where we keep up with our Dr. appts, church events,etc.
    Maybe it would be best if I purchased one of Martha Stewart's planners, where I can buy the sheets I need right in Staples where I buy my office supplies. I am not the type that would take my planner in my purse everywhere..NO need for the extra weight..Where did you find those adorable cupcake stickers? I've started buying a few rolls of Washi tape es I see something I like.
    Want to look at Target's $1 bin the next time I'm in that store to see if there is something I could use for my future planner.

    1. I know a lot of people do use Target, I so wish we had one over here. I think a cheap planner would definitely be the way to go then if you don't use it then it doesn't matter. The stickers were from one of our supermarkets here x