Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My LIfe in Writing Journal Tag

I recently saw a video from The Library of Sarah which was the 'My life in writing tag' and I loved it and thought it would be fun to do and share with you. Mr B only recently got a box down out of the office with my old teenage diaries in so the timing was perfect!

I tag anyone that would like to take part in the tag and who would like to share. The questions are below so you don't need to watch the video again to get them! If you do the tag please let me know as I would love to watch as you know I love all things about journals!


1. How long have you been keeping a journal?
2. What is the date of your first entry?
3. How often do your journal?
4. Music that makes you want to write?
5. Do you keep your journal online?
6. Where are you when you write usually?
7. Read an entry from your birthday (or your birth month) of any year.
8. Read an entry from your school days OR Read an entry from your very first journal.

If you would like to see the vlog where I shared more of my teenage diaries and journals you can do so here...

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