Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy Mail Box, Christmas Journaling!

So in November I received the Happy Mail Brimbles Box, inside was lots of Christmassy goodies which were of course intended to be used to create Happy Mail! But between then and now, things have been so busy, I just have not had the time to write any letters to my penpals. I thought I was moving, then it was postponed. I went up north for a few weeks, and left my camera at home 300 miles away. Everything was all last minute and completely all over the place.
BUT over the past week I've finally managed to catch up with myself a little bit! I decided to go through my November Happy Mail box and use some of the things in there to decorate my journal pages.

Just before Christmas I bought myself the Canon Selphy printer, so I'm now able to incorporate photos into my journaling! In my Christmas planning insert I left some space to add some journaling, so that's what I am showing you today.
I thought it'd be nice to have the planning, the progress and some journaling from Christmas 2015, all in one place. I might also keep this insert to use again next year as there's still plenty of space left in it even after I added a few pages of journaling!

One of the things I wanted to use were the adorable Christmas Gift Tags, I think they work perfectly to fill in some blank space and decorate the page. I layered it up with one of the Santa Sticky Notes, I feel like these have a massive variety of uses instead of just being used to jot notes down on.
I chose to round the corners of most of my photos, but for the one of my dog I wanted to add some little kraft paper corners to it, just to mix things up. I did this by simply cutting the four corners off of a kraft paper sticky note from Tiger, and then gluing them over the corners of the photo. I used my nail to dent them down so the edge of the photo's showed through, and gave a little bit of a '3D' effect.
The Owl sticker is from a 2014 Paperchase set, so I'm not sure you can find this in stores anymore. 

At the bottom of the page I used the Christmas Ribbon & the Fair Isle Christmas Washi Tape from my Happy Mail Brimbles Box! I also used some other washi tape I had and the Gold Glitter Tape from Cloudy Cow. The layering I created at the bottom with these tapes and ribbon, is one of the thing I enjoy the most when it comes to decorating my journal pages.
Again the Christmas Pudding sticker is from the same Paperchase pack from 2014.

Over on this page I had some spare snowflake cellophane I picked up from Wilkos, and attached it over the top of the photo. Because the photo had a lot of black on it, adding the snowflakes helped to break that up, and they also show up really well on the black background. I attached it with staples as glue would have shown through. I then stuck a little collage of stickers and washi tape on top of it.

Last of all I added this photo of my and my boyfriend on Christmas Day both wearing the same Christmas jumper (just in different colours). We did this without knowing, we are currently going long distance so it was a nice little connection we had that made us feel a little closer (Ps. 'Scuse the cruddy lighting he took the photo in, which makes him look like a tomato).
I layered this photo on top of the left over kraft sticky note I had from cutting the corners off for the photo on the opposite page. Then I used my Typewriter Alphabet Stickers from Hobbycraft to add the word 'Matching' below the photo.
I drew some little stars around the photo and added another little collage of stickers at the bottom of the page in the blank space, and that was it!

Even though the Brimbles Boxes have specific themes and uses, they really can be used for whatever you want. Cards, and writing paper can be used as backgrounds or to add a section of journaling to a page, tags and stickers can be used for decoration. You just have to think outside the box and see what you can come up with!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I used my Happy Mail box for journaling!
Happy New Year!

- Daisy X

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