Tuesday, 12 January 2016

January Planner Set Up

I thought I would do a little show and tell of my planner set up for January:

I am using the January 'These are the days' journal cards in my planner this month. I loved using them last year and I kind of tailed off in the later months of the year but I felt like using them again.

I am using the month card to track any fitness I do and I reward myself with a little smiley sticker every time I do something!

I keep my little stickers in a pocket bag which I hole punched and added in. It works really well as not only does it look pretty but it also means they are really handy and easily accessible!

I am also using the little 'resolutions' card to remind myself what I want to do. Here is it before I add mine to it. Not because it is secret or anything but because it looks nicer without my handwriting on! I did embellish it a little with washi tape and a sticker because, well, it was fun ha ha!


  1. Pocket for planner stickers is practical, I'm also getting to use one now :)

  2. Love your January planer set up a lot!
    I am still designing my insert, seems in slow process :D


  3. Your blog is so cute I couldn't handle it! haha keep going!