Monday, 11 January 2016

Reminiscing in my Fauxdori

Since I got this new Fauxdori (from Lyra & Co) for Christmas, all I've wanted to do is use it to journal in! It is the perfect 'winter' themed fauxdori, without being too classically wintery. Before this I was using my Christmas one, so it's nice to change things up a bit!

I decided to again, use things from my December Stationery Brimbles Box to decorate my journaling pages. I was breaking the ice in this insert, which I always find the most difficult. So I chose to print off some snowy photos from a few years ago and journal about them.  Instead of journaling about the current day, or something that went on recently, I find this the easiest way to start in a new insert. I'm not 100% sure why, but I do it a lot when I get in a rut.
I think my thought process is, if I want to journal then I should take advantage of that motivation, and journal about something from ages ago, because it's better than journaling about nothing!

The snowflake bookmark was in my December Brimbles Box, and it goes with this fauxdori absolutely perfectly! The tassel looks so pretty popping out the top.

I decided to kinda of 'Smash Book' some of the little bits of packaging from the box. Like the blue tissue paper I used to split the pages up (though for some reason this made it harder to journal on, my Coleto pens just did not like the tissue paper haha). I also kept the little penguin sticker (in the top left corner), because it was too cute not to.

I used the Silver Snowflake washi from the Brimble Box, along with some silver glitter tape from Paperchase, and I also cut some of the Ellie Beth Designs UK snowflake stickers in half & stuck half at the top of the page. I went through the stickers from my Brimbles Box and picked out some of the glitter trees and penguins to add to the page.

I added two dates at the top of the page, one was the date I did this journaling, the second was the date the photos were taken, and the day I was journaling about. I'm glad I did this, because when I'm looking back through my journals, the date is the first thing I look for on a page.

I used one of the Winter Journaling Cards from the set I received in my Brimbles Box, and made it into a little flap. I did this because I had three photos I wanted to add to the pages, but I didn't want to have to cut down on any journaling or decorating. Plus having little hidden bits in a journaling spread is always fun to look back on!

I used the other half of the Ellie Beth Designs UK snowflake sticker at the bottom of this page.
I added some red and white paper tape from Paperchase to break up the straight edges of the photos, and I also cut some corners out of a journaling card, so I could add them to the photos to make them look like photo corners.

I wanted to add one of the absolutely adorable die cuts that Anna has designed to the pages somewhere, and I couldn't quite work out where to put it. I eventually decided it would fit really nicely at the top of the journaling card flap. It fit really well with the trees and didn't cover up too many things on the page. I chose to staple this on, just to make it a bit different.
There was a little bit of blank space I thought needed to be filled too so I added some B&W heart washi tape from Cloudy Cow poking out from underneath. I didn't want anything too eye catching, I just needed something to break up that area a little.

On the opposite page is where I left a bigger space to do most of my journaling. I added the biggest photo I had of our house in the snow at the bottom of the page, and I used the little snowman stamp just above it, which I thought would look really cute. (I did realise that his eyes wouldn't stamp properly, so I had to draw those in afterwards!!)

I added some more little corners to the photo and some more of the red and white striped tape.
I used some alphabet stickers I got from Hobbycraft, to add the word 'REMINISCE' at the bottom.
(can you tell I ran out of N's?! So I had to change an 'M' into one!!).

The little 'Awesome' die cut was from a die cut set by Carpe Diem (Also available on Anna's shop here). Then the cup, snowflake, and penguin stickers were all from my December Brimbles Box!

At the moment I'm really in a journaling faze, specifically in my fauxdori (can you blame me... This fauxdori is beautiful!). I've loved using things from my Brimbles Boxes to decorate my pages, and I can't wait to start filling up this insert even more. Now I've broken the ice there'll be no stopping me!
I feel like I can use so many different supplies in here, and it never looks 'messy', I've got stamps, stickers, washi tape, alphabets, photos, die cuts, tissue paper, and journaling cards! All in the space of two pages.
Journaling gives you the freedom to use and do whatever the heck you want, and I think that's what I love about it!

- Daisy X

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  1. Such beautiful pages Daisy! Definitely inspires me to get my journal out again :) xx