Thursday, 9 February 2017

Digital World to Planners!


Even if you're not into 'Love' and 'Valentine's day' at all this month's box is absolutely adorable! I cried happy tears when I opened the box.


The pinks and the reds inspired me so much! The ideas are still comming to my mind. In this digital era it is so nice to just sit at your desk and create things with real paper and feel it in your hands.



My boyfriend and I do a lot of digital texting on our phones during the week because we live seperately. So I decided to collect all our sweet messages and make an insert for it in my Traveler's Notebook. This notebook stays on the kitchentable at home so we can write to each other on the fly. I think this is very romantic!




Since I am on a budget I've used Mrs. Brimble's clear sticker bags to create a waterfall shaker dashboard. (the clear bags come in every box) That way you don't need a fuse tool and it becomes very easy to make a dashboard yourself. It took me litteraly 5 minutes te create one. Since these bags come in different sizes you can make a beautiful waterfall effect by layering different sizes up uppon each other. It gives the dashboard instandly much more interest.

I hope I inspired you!
Happy scrappin'

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