Friday, 3 February 2017

Goal Setting inspiration board (Planner)

As soon as I opened my January Brimbles Box, I knew exactly where I was going to use it!
I recently got myself a new work planner in the Kikki-k sale, I went for a nice smart black one this time. The whole 'new year, smarten things up' vibe got me good. But seeing as black, gold and white was the main colour scheme, it meant that the January Brimbles Box was just perfect for this planner!

I decided to make myself some plain dividers out of white card, because even if I move out of this planner, or change up the dashboard somewhen, the sections in this planner will always stay the same. So it makes sense to have something that will go with any colour scheme, rather than remaking them each time.

I used the white marble 12 x 12 card stock to make a dashboard. Then I used one of the journaling cards that said 'My goals for the year', to make a little decorative mini dashboard.
I decorated this mini dashboard with various things from the Brimbles Box, including some of the Black floral washi, circular phrase stickers, and some of the clear stamps.

I put together the DIY marble circle paper clips, I used a bit of E6000 glue and they stuck to the gold paper clip really well. I decided to attach the black marble one to the top of the mini dashboard to break up all the white marble a bit.

It was a very simple DIY but sometimes they are the most fun! Being able to quickly make a few random pieces into something useful, and pretty, is a really enjoyable, and relaxing process.

Of course I had to attach the amazing snowball charm to the planner! It's really nice to look over at my line up of planners and see something a little different, compared to the usual dangly charms I have attached to them. The large lobster clip on the end of it is really handy too, if it's getting in the way at all, or I want to move it about for a photo I don't have to open the planner rings to do so! I just unclip it and move it about.

When I have a small space of white that I want to fill, I find this technique of stamping very handy. I choose one stamp that will fit well in the gap, in this case I chose the arrow stamp. Then with the first stamp (straight off of the ink) I will place it in the largest gap of white space. After this, without re-inking the stamp, I will stamp the leftover ink around the first stamp in any remaining gaps. It creates a sort of fading effect and fills a gap without being too intense.

I'm really happy with my current work planner setup, I love it when a planner is all colour coordinating! The Brimbles Box is definitely perfect for this. Anna's does a great job at designing the products in the boxes so they all coordinate brilliantly!

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