Monday, 30 January 2017

Watercolour Inspirational Quotes


I'm a little late. BUT the January brimbles box has landed here and you know what im going to type .. i love it all. as always i did unboxing of it on my channel here . 

where do i even start!! 

this box is very themed for the new year about goal setting and the colours with gold and marble are just amazing.

First i started with the clear stamps that came in the box. they had these inspirational quotes on them that where all Annas own designs and where also throughout this whole box.
i used some water colour paint on some plastic packaging and the stamped it onto the paper to create this amazing effect.

then i knew i wanted to make a dashboard for the A5 planner.

i used one the cards from the cut apart sheet and some of the washi tape. and a few stickers from my stash and laminated it.

i then used a few more cards from the cut apart just to pop in the pocket so they are ready for me to use them as washi tape holders.

also with this kit there where some planner stickers. i ended up filming a plan with me video using them if you wanted to check it out.

a slightly different way i used this box was one of the 12"12 card stock sheets, i wanted to make this sign for my wedding and this card stock was the perfect background. i made the sign in Microsoft word and printed it and mounted it into the white and gold marble side on this card stock.

i really love this box. and i can not wait for the next one.

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