Tuesday, 17 January 2017

New Year, New Start.

Can you believe it's 2017 already? Nope, me neither and to sum up 2016 in a few words it would have to be "a big blurry whirlwind" 2016 flew by for me and I feel like for One moment I blinked and missed half of it and I'm determined not to let that happen in 2017 I'm going to grasp every positive moment with both hands and hold on tight.

So, that brings me to the January Brimbles Box and for me it couldn't have been a better box to see in the New Year with, Marble, Gold And Positivity all in One box it's definitely my cup of Tea so refreshing and simple, yet gorgeous at the same time.

Photo Credit: Anna Brim.

This year I want to focus on many things but finding Planner Peace has to be one of my main priorities of course family, health and well being are up there on the scale but I rely on my Planner to get me through day to day life and if I haven't got planner peace then everything else seems to go to pot.

It's the 12th of January as I write this and up until 2 days ago I hadn't planned a single thing I had decided I wasn't happy in my A5 which a few months ago by the way 'I loved' - I had been searching the Kikki K website relentlessly looking for Personal sized planners which Ironically 'I hate'.

One day I saw someone post a picture in 1 of the many Planner groups of her new Printable TN insert from Annie Plans Printables on Etsy and it was like a lightbulb just pinged on in my head right there and then. 

Later that night I checked out the shop and before I knew It I had bought, downloaded and printed 3 sets of inserts from there and decided I was going to use my TN as my Planner and creative journal all together, that's right everything in one place, I have never used my TN as a planner before I could never see it working I always thought I needed lots of room, since then I have realised that actually I don't, I need less.

So with it being a New Year & New Start for me it was the same for my planner, Inserts chosen I set about making some pretty stuff for inside my TN if I wanted to use it as a planner then it needed plannery things like Dashboards, dividers and tabs and this Months Brimbles box had everything I needed to get Project TN planner underway.

I started off by making my Dashboards/Dividers I wanted to use 1 of each paper to add variety and just because I love them all so much, I used one of my Inserts for quick measurements - which I won't give you as all inserts vary in size but you want to make yours a couple of mm bigger all the way around just so it wraps around the insert/s nicely once measured up I cut them quickly on my Fiskars paper cutter I have linked the one I use which I really recommend for small projects like this. 
Once cut I laminated them to make them extra durable, you don't have to do this but laminating will prolong the life of them.

After they were all laminated I folded them into shape and then attached the tabs from the box using double sided tape, folding can be a little tricky if you haven't got a scoring board or bone folder but I just use the handle of my scissors to flatten the crease.

I loved the way they looked when they were inside my TN and you can just see them popping out of the top of my Websters Pages Walnut TN which I also purchased from the Mrs Brimbles Shop which I believe is now sold out, but is available in other colours.

What I love about the Websters TN's is that they have a photo pocket on the inside cover which I wanted to put something inspiring in, my word for 2017 is Focus, so why not put that in there after all I will see it everyday. So, I made a small sticker in a nice font and mounted it on to a bit of leftover card stock from earlier and popped it into the pocket I also dressed that section of the TN at the same time.

I know it's only been a couple of days of me having this set up, but I really am enjoying it and love everything about it from the inserts to the pretties made with the Brimbles box contents, Some of the things that are left will be used on other things such as Happy mail and journal spreads and those gorgeous stamps will get used all the time but I did sneakily decorate next weeks pages ahead of time with some of the stickers from this months box and some of the stickers that I made for the Brimbles Sticker Sub this month too.

Well, that's all from me this month I can't wait to see what's in store for next months box but if you have seen the sneak peak then wow ....those Love bugs.

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