Friday, 27 January 2017

The Wonder of Washi

GUEST BLOG POST - The Wonder of Washi by Laura Evans

Hello!  I just want to take a quick moment to introduce myself.  My name is Laura Evans and I live with my husband, Ryan, our beautiful daughter, and one silly cat. My mom, Terry, lives with us occasionally.  About a year ago, when my mom was vacationing in California, she came across Anna's YouTube Channel.  My mom binged watched every video, logged onto Anna's website, where she immediately purchased a subscription box, and joined Anna's Facebook group.  Then the most important thing occurred, my mom told me all about it.  And ever since, I have joined the wonderful world of creative planning, creative journaling, subscription boxes, lots of shopping from Anna's shop, stickers, Traveler's Notebooks, and much more!

I just currently finished doing my creative journal through 2016.  And I enjoyed making a new Traveler’s Notebook insert with Anna’s cardstock from her December Brimbles Box.  I can’t wait to fill it up with her stickers, ephemera, washi tape, and of course my journaling.  My Traveler’s Notebook inserts are currently being stored in the Webster Pages Traveler’s Notebook shown below, which I was able to pre-order through Anna’s shop.

My world opened up to many new words and phrases and items, including washi tape!  I had never heard of washi tape until I shopped in Anna's store and joined Anna’s Facebook group.  Let's just say since then, I have become a little addicted, okay, maybe a lot addicted.  I own about a never-ending supply of washi tape.

This past late fall, Anna was taking pre-orders for her Advent Boxes.  One of her Advent Boxes was a Washi Tape Advent Box.  Well of course I just had to get it!  She mailed the boxes out so us international folks got it with time to spare, before Dec 1st.

I eagerly waited Dec 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on…because I couldn't wait to open my beautifully packaged bag to see what washi tape was inside!

The Washi Tape Advent Box was amazing! I absolutely loved how Anna included washi tape that we could use year round and not just at Christmas.  It was also such a great deal because we got 24 full rolls of washi tape.  No washi tape samples at all!!

Here is a piece off each full role, so you can see the details up close!

 I also like to use washi tape in my planner.  Because of our pending adoption, I can’t have anything regarding our daughter on social media.  Since I don’t have Easter filled in yet, I moved ahead in my planner to use the Easter/Bunny washi tape I got in the Advent Box.  This way you could see how I use washi tape in my planner. 

Besides using washi tape to decorate in my creative journal, I like to use washi tape to adhere different items into my creative journal.  For instance, I love using washi tape to adhere the different notecards that come in each Brimbles Box.  I like to keep the card we get in each box.  Anna has her own design on the card and then a message on the back.  So I don’t want to glue or double side tape it down, because then I have to choose a side to no longer see.  But if I attach it with the washi tape, I can keep both sides. 

The exception is if I end up buying two of the same box and end up with two of the same card, then I have the advantage of being able to use both cards and place both sides of the card in my creative journal.  But I still like to decorate around the outside of the card with the washi tape.

Not only did you get the 24 full roles of washi tape, but you also received 24 little bags, that held each individual washi tape.  These bags were perfect to keep and reuse for future projects.

They worked really well as envelopes and not only could you use the washi tape to decorate what you were putting on the inside of the envelope but also as decoration on the outside of the envelope.

I hope you have all enjoyed this guest blog post as much as I enjoyed doing it!  I highly recommend getting Anna’s Washi Tape Advent Box for 2017.  Even better is getting both of her advent boxes, the stationary one and washi tape one.

Thanks for reading!


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