Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Marble, Golds and Neons.


Is it spring yet? I'm so ready for fresh pastels, rainbows, Unicorns, flowers and lots of PINK! Although I must say I'm writing this blog right now and the sun shines strong through my window. I love it! But no spring yet. There's still lots of snow going on over here in Holland.


This months box has a black and white, gold and marble theme an I was thinking 'why not spice it all up with fluor colors?'. This combination turned out very cool and immediately has this 80ties feel to it. For that reason I used my Happy Planner. This planner always reminds me of oldschool planning. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I tend to make everything BIG in this planner. I also made some inserts for my Traveler's Notebook. Wich is my favorite planner at the moment. Well 'the choice' of my fav planner changes every month. I guess 'the marble and gold' fits in any kind of planner.


I made a goals list and it still is blank ... Honestly I am afraid to fill it in because than I have to stick to it. Also my list of goals changes every month... so why not make a monthly goals list and look back every month to see what goals you have accompliched. For me this means I have to immigrate my goals from one month to the next. LOL! The same with checklists.... I really want to check them of... but you know how it goes... LOL Then again that gives me a reason to make new lists to check of... And that's what we call planning... isn' t it?





My biggest pitfall is that there are always changes going on in Plannerland. I'm guilty of wanting to be part of them all... I can't help it. It's part of the planner addiction I guess. The trick is to join it all an NOT spend to much money... Now that's a challange! In fact I think the 'NO SPEND' goal must be the #1 thing on top of my important Goals list, and it immigrates with me every single month of the year :) See you next month

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