Thursday, 16 February 2017

February Brimbles box is here and yet again i love it. here is the unboxing 

this box is the perfect mix between valentines and romance and a just a amazing and cute box.
the first thing i did with the box is i actually organised into a new storage box i have i did a video on this. i find having the kit laid out the way i have it really helped me to utilize what was in the box.
The first thing i did was create a scrapbook layout. i really wanted to use this picture on my daughter Mia. ( im aware her shoes are on the wrong feet lol )

i used some of the sequins and ephemera from the box and some stickers to create the shaker mini pocket in the bottom right hand corner in some of the packaging the stickers came in.  

Then as i mentioned in the haul video. i wanted to use some of the 12"12 sheets that come in the box that had the envelopes on to make a divider in my planner to section off all my pen pals addresses.

 With the planner stickers i knew i wanted to do a layout in my person Filofax planner. i run the washi tape down the middle and re-punched it, and used a combination of the planner sticker sheet and the decorative sticker sheet to create the layout. I also used a piece of the ephemera to make a cute paperclip.

I also wanted to make a flip book out of that paper. I thought the pattern was very appropriate for flip-books and i used a combination of the whole box to pull the whole thing together it folds and the back. i used one of the sticky notes at the bottom and used a speech bubble from one of the sticker sheets and wrote happy mail on it to add a cute touch. and again i used some of the sequins and stickers and enamel dots  to decorate it.

i loved this box so much. the theme and colours are really my style and can't wait for the next one. 

So i cut it to size and punched the holes in,then cut one of the 3"4 cards out that had the grid on and the envelope at the top. and used some of the ephemera which is the large envelope. and some of the enamel dots and washi tape and laminated it. i love how this turned out and it really is coming in handy so i can keep all the addresses in one place and keep a record of who i have replied to and who i have received letters from.

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