Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Travelling Notebook Page Decoration!

 spent so much of my time at the end of 2016 sorting things out with the house, I didn't have a chance to fully appreciate my Brimbles Boxes during those months. So this month I decided to dig everything out and just go to town with my Brimbles Box goodies!

Today I'm sharing a page spread I created, in a travelling notebook! This is someone else's travelling notebook, and about 4 or 5 people had already contributed to it. I chose to decorate two pages in this notebook as the owner had let the contributors choose how many pages they wanted to do.
I dug out my October Brimbles box, a few bits from my Brimbles Advent Calendar and also some things from the January box.

The October box was very autumnal themed, so there was plenty of orange popping up! I decided to go with this as the main colour, and then choose things to work with that. 

I used some of the orange washi tape and placed it randomly on the two pages. I used this floral jar sticky note from the Advent box to stamp one of the positive phrase stamps on to (from the January box). I tend to use decorative sticky notes, more like ephemera, than I do as sticky notes.
I used one of the marble sticky notes from the January box, along with a red circle spotted die cut from the October ephemera pack behind the stamped sticky note.

Once I'd arranged and stuck all these down I popped some enamel dots around the place, and stamped an arrow from the same clear stamp set in the January box, across my layered ephemera.

Last of all on the opposite page I stuck some more of the spotted red washi tape in the top right corner to help balance the two pages, and then chose some die cuts to pop on the page.
Seeing as the pack was very autumnal themed there were a lot of die cuts referring to autumn experiences. So I chose some which were more generic and would fit this time of the year just as well. I wanted to make sure these pages reflected here and now, as the travelling notebook is trying to capture where I'm at right now.

'Snuggle Weather' fit with the wintery weather we are currently having, and the pie.... well the pie just looked warm, and fit well in the corner ahah.

If you want to know a bit more about Travelling Mail, then feel free to take a look at the Travelling Mail Facebook group here.

I hope this helped to show you how you can incorporate all your boxes together, no matter what time of the year it is!

- Daisy X

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