Monday, 13 February 2017

Travelers Notebook Page Marker

  The eye candy of colours and art that greeted me in February's Brimbles box was overwhelming. The papers screamed to be used as notebook covers. Because they are double sided, it look double cute.


 As I made one for my regular size travelers notebook, the thought came to me to use one of the cute pieces of ephemera and the sequins, and make a tiny little bookmark charm. Sewing around it in bright pink thread gave it an added dimension.


 Taking another piece of ephemera, I ran it through the laminator, and hot glued it onto a big yellow paperclip which was in keeping with the colour scheme. A flower at the back hid the messy glue!


I'm currently setting up a pocket size planner to keep on track with my traveling/happy mail. The colour scheme and artwork, especially the envelopes, went really well with the planner, so I decided to make a set of dividers and a shaker dashboard. Instead of the sequins, this time I thought it would be fun to back the stickers with paper and place them inside.



 I decided to place the paperclip and some of the stickers, and the washi on the inside cover of the planner.



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