Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Art Abandonment

Don't ask me what I search for on the internet sometimes lol! I come across some really interesting things, and one that I want to tell you about today is "Art Abandonment"

You really must join the Facebook group to get in on the action and find out more.

In a nutshell it is people like you and me, people who love to create things but also like to make people happy. Artists and creators of things all around the World make something wonderful and then take it to a public place and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find bringing them a little bit of joy and happiness. I think it is a wonderful idea.

Most of the abandonments take place in the USA but some happen here in the UK too. In the group people who have found the pieces come along to say they have found it as well as those who have left it. It is a great community with some wonderful pieces for inspiration.

The idea is rather similar to Book Crossing but rather than having to enjoy it and pass it on again the finder gets to keep the art all to themselves.

The pieces people create range from paintings, cards, book marks, jewellery, sculptures, the list is endless.

Go to facebook, get inspired by everyone's art and if you are feeling like spreading a little joy go for it and abandon your art. (Remember to read the group details for leaving information with your piece!)

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