Thursday, 4 October 2012

Getting started - when?

I started really going for it art wise in July of this year. My hubby's birthday was looming and we were going on holiday in August and he had said don't get my anything for my birthday as we will just do stuff on holiday. I wanted to give him something though. We are both very passionate about shopping locally and independently and neither of us like mass produce items. I decided that I was going to make him something and so make him something I did.

I went and bought a canvas and some paints and off I went. The end result was this:

It is a mixed media piece. The bottom layer consists of book paper and pieces from a magazine. The magazine pieces are all about yoga and chakras. We are both into our yoga so I thought this would be quite nice especially as you can see some of the text coming through. Layers were then built up with various painting techniques.

It is not one of my best pieces but I enjoyed making it and it has meaning to us and you know that is all that matters really!

Be happy. Enjoy yourself. Have fun. Give a little bit of joy to someone else to share.

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