Saturday, 28 September 2013

A bit of London Glamour

I have been looking around for a while now a monthly beauty box subscription and have been deliberating on which one to get. To be honest with you I could get quite a few as they all look good! I could so get the Birchbox as I like the idea of more organic toiletries. I also like the look of EcoEmi for the foods items as well as the beauty. And there is also fortune cookie but I don't think they deliver to the UK which is a shame as their items really appeal to me.

In the end I decided on the Glossybox.

I decided to get a monthly subscription to try new things and experiment more. I feel like I have been quite stagnant in my cosmetics lately and so it is time to shake it up!

I was really excited to get my first box and decided like a lot of other bloggers and YouTubers, to share it with you so here is my unopening of the September box. I will do a review of this box at the same time as I do an opening of the October box so watch out for that one!

The theme of the box is London glamour. Take a look...

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