Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My favourite art supplies for using in my art journal

I get emails all the time asking me what products I use and ones that I would reccommend. When it comes to reccommendations, of course I have MY favourites but they might not always be your favourites. People work with different products in different ways and I have found that I haven't enjoyed using what others have, we are all different after all!

My advice is to always experiment until you find what you enjoy using. That being said I know and appreciate it can be costly to buy new materials all the time. And of course companies bring out new products all the time to tempt us! They know that we can't resist after all. Right?

So I thought I would do a video to show you what my favoured products are or at least the products that I am using at the moment. I am sure my tastes will change as I go in and out of love with products, but for now here they are:

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