Sunday, 29 September 2013

September's Craft Space Envy

August's craft space envy...

mmm.... oh to be able to walk into a space that is this clean, fresh, light, airy and tidy! oh boy! Part of me thinks it is too tidy (I know it was probably just for the photo shoot) but at least you could find everything you wanted and everything has its own place. For me whilst I love it, I thing I need a bit more colour and chaos in my life!


  1. That's a crafter's studio not an artist! LOL!!!

  2. Looks gorgeous, and I would love that, but all I can think is...where are the paint splatters?!

  3. I know, I couldn't have it that clean. It is pretty to look at but not for me from a working room point of view! I love looking at pretty rooms though x