Friday, 20 September 2013

Introducing Ginger Juice

For a while now I have been thinking of doing more and different videos but I wasn't entirely sure that I should have them on the same YouTube channel because the subscribers I have obviously wanted to subscribe based on the content that was there already so I decided to create a new one called Ginger Juice.

So the Mrs Brimbles channel will be about art stuff, art book reviews, mail art, art vlogs, journals, art journals, filofax & organisation and the Ginger Juice channel will be book reviews, juicing recipes, healthy and beauty, product reviews, general vlogs, my bunnies and piggies etc. Just anything!!!

I am going to keep this blog though for both elements as I know there will be an overlap of interest because I already have people who have subscribed to both channels so I am assuming that there will be interest for that and as with all my blog posts, I do label them so you can go to the right of this page and click on the word and it will bring up blog posts that you want to read. Make sense? I hope so as I am not sure that I am articulating it right.

I hope it works ok this way, I know of other blogger and youtubers who do it this way so I hope you like it too!

So here we are, introducing Ginger Juice to you.

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