Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Let's Juice - Green and Good for you!

I love to juice. I am really very bad at eating my five a day,  I always have been which is pretty bad for a vegetarian I know. Juicing is my saviour though and it makes me feel healthy just thinking about it. I used to have an expensive juicer which broke and now I have a cheap one until I can afford to get a more expensive one. Mine works it is just not as efficient as a more expensive one is and some of the juice is lost. I just thought I would start sharing some of my recipes with you and showing you that you don't need fancy stuff to start juicing and that juicing is for everyone!

So let's make a nice green yummy juice that tastes so much better than it looks!

This is my own made up recipe. If it turns out that it is the same as someone's I do apologize it was not intentionally copied!

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