Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Completed art journal flip through - January to April 2014

Well my 'Day Dreamer & Wishers Journal' is now finished. That is it. Done. As you know from previous ramblings, I have loved working in that journal so much and am sad that it is finished. I really enjoyed working in it and love some of the art inside that I created. I journalled in written form quite a bit too. I had a few moments of negativity at the beginning of the year but I didn't want to keep being reminded of them everytime I opened my journal so I hid all of those loose leaf pages into little pockets and envelopes so I know there are there if I ever want to look at them and if I don't then I don't have to. I got out of that little glitch and moved on to some very happy times which for me is why I think it made for good art work. I tend to write more when I am down and art when I am up, funny how that happens sometimes. Is it like that for you?

Here is just a small selection of pages.

When I journal I have a mix of styles. Sometimes I just write but I can't show you any of that as it is very personal. I also just art for arts sake as well as for meaning. Sometimes the meaning is very clear to see and other times not. I collage and I smash too and stick receipts and stuff in from places we have been. My journal is all sorts but it is not defined. To me it is just my journal.

If you would like to see more of these pages and the rest of the pages in the journal then please do watch the video as I do a full flip and talk about what they were created with etc.

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