Sunday, 13 April 2014

Easter it be a-coming - Filofax Page Decoration

Easter it be a-coming. I love this time of year, as, well, it is no secret that I love anything bunny related and bunnies are certainly in abundance in the shops at this time of year. Everything has a bunny on it and that makes me very very happy indeed!

I celebration of the season I thought I would decorate my Filofax pages for this up coming week. As you know I don't decorate them every week but when I do I like to share them with you. I don't always decorate my pages as I find it can be too cluttering for my mind. I find that my mind just sees all the decoration and I find tasks get lost and over looked because of it. Some weeks it is fine, when I am not so busy it doesn't matter so much. I thought with Easter approaching I was going to have a quiet week but it turns out that I am not so I went to town with my decoration and I thought I best photograph and share it with before it becomes jam full!

So here we are...

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